#NC4ME: Take Aways from Today's Veteran Employment Event

Veteran affairs, especially when it comes to employment, has always been a soft spot for @AdamPBanks and me.  From assisting employers develop veteran hiring initiatives, to understanding and dealing with PTSD, we always encourage clients to consider veterans as employees.   This issue strikes close to home since @AdamPBanks is also a member of the North Carolina National Guard and is a Judge Advocate for the 113th Sustainment Brigade.  (#overachiever)

All that said, here is what we learned from the NC4ME conference, hosted this morning at the MetLife Technology Campus in Cary, NC.  (If you have not yet heard of NC4ME, you can learn more here). 

From Secretary of the NC Department of Commerce, John Skvarla:

"Our 'Ace in the Hole' is our military."  North Carolina actively seeks ways to keep military personnel in North Carolina because its a economic driver.  We are also known as the "envy of 49 other states" because #NothingComparestoNC.  

From Ilario Pantano, Director of NC Division of Veteran Affairs:

Veterans should be treated as "victors" and not "victims."  More than 50% of U.S. veterans have aged out of the workforce and only 8% of American CEOs are veterans.   NC is becoming more veteran-friendly everyday thanks to Governor McCrory's initiative and corporate partners like Cisco and MetLife.  If companies want an example of what veterans can do in the technology realm (and see how veterans are finding jobs & benefits in NC), check out This website was designed and created by a veteran. 

From Brigadier General Kenneth Beard of the NC National Guard:

The unemployment rate for NC National Guardsmen is 5.2%.  "Under-employment" is also a major concern.  The NC National Guard has over 2000 people  and a fully staffed Education and Employment center that helps veterans, and their families, find employment.  He also reviewed the Top Ten Reasons to Hire a Veteran and shared a few success stories.

 From the President & CEO of the NC Chamber, Lewis Ebert:

It is estimated that by 2030, North Carolina will increase by nearly 3 million people.  This will require about 1 million new jobs to sustain this growth, with cities like Raleigh and Charlotte doubling in size.  North Carolina needs to attract "number one" talent, invest in its infrastructure, and develop innovation and entrepreneurship to keep up with the time.  

From Cisco & MetLife:

MetLife has over 100 veterans employed in its Raleigh and Charlotte offices and are one of the founding corporate partners of NC4ME.  MetLife actively recruits from military bases and works with job placement organizations.  Cisco is also a founding corporate partner of NC4ME.  Currently, 10% of Cisco employees are veterans.  In 2011 Cisco started a Corporate Affairs Veterans Program Mission that works on recruiting and sustaining veteran talent.  They have also partnered with Heroes for Hire and Futures, Inc. to help veterans find jobs throughout the U.S. 

From Us:

Hiring veterans is important and not a liability.  If you would like to develop a veteran hiring initiative, let us know and we can help.  You do not need to be a Cisco or a MetLife to have a thriving veteran program- all you need are the right resources and the need for talented employees.  #vets4hire #nc4me