Calling All Lawyers: Awesome CLE Alert!


For our visitors and subscribers who aren’t attorneys; sorry, this post probably isn’t for you. This one is directed at our attorney friends, but you can all rest assured that we’ll be back and at it next week!

If you’re an attorney, you know that the idea of advertising in our industry is a little bit novel, a little bit controversial (in some circles, at least), and heavily regulated to the point of being intimidating. Many attorneys either (i) don’t bother advertising at all, or they (ii) advertise inefficiently, ineffectively, and/or improperly. The problem is that in the first instance, lawyers are missing out on a lot of great opportunities, and in the second instance, they’re wasting time and money, and often exposing themselves to potential disciplinary troubles in the process.

This is where friend of the firm (and marketing Jedi) Alexandra Davis, of Davis Legal Media, comes in. As an authority on marketing in the legal industry (on top of being an accomplished attorney herself), Alex’s mission is to help lawyers and their firms identify their target clients, and tailor their marketing efforts towards those target clients.

So here’s the deal; here in a few weeks, on May 9 at 12:00n, Alex will be offering a one-hour live webinar on Ethical Legal Marketing in 2019. The webinar is pre-approved for one hour of ethics CLE credit and it will be invaluable in helping attorneys maximize the efficiency of their marketing efforts within the many strictures of the NC Rules of Professional Conduct.

You can get your tickets at this link; they’re only $25 until April 25th, at which they’ll go up to $40. Happy Easter, everyone!