Drone Update! Revised Drone ID Rule in Effect 2/25/19


The Drone industry has continued its metamorphosis as the FAA released a new Drone ID law that took effect February 25, 2019. According to this new rule, all small UAVs must have their Drone Registration Number visible on the outside of the drone. If you recall from 2015, the rule of thumb was to have the Drone Registration Number “readable” and “easily accessible” (and not necessarily displayed on the outer part of the aircraft). The FAA believes this change will continue to promote safety and security as Drone begin filling our airspace more than ever before. Consider it a license plate for your small UAV… For information on identifying and marking your Drone, go here.

Side Note: This rule is considered an “interim final rule” which means it is in full force and effect but also open to public comment. While changes to this rule are not expected, it is possible the final rule is slightly different so check back for updates! For any over-achievers in the audience, the final rule is subject to comment until March 15, 2019. To submit comments, go to http://www.regulations.gov and search for “RIN 2120-AL32.”