*** GUEST BLOG ALERT *** Creating a Website? Avoid These Common Mistakes

At Felton Banks, PLLC, we are often helping our entrepreneur clients start a business in and around North Carolina.  While we can offer flat rate startup packages and a variety of business services, our expertise starts and stops at law, which is why we love connecting our audience with complementary services, such as web design!  If you are in the midst of creating a website, this blog post is for you!  If you find yourself with other questions, be sure to see Danny Shaw speak at next week's Millennial Business Meetup! #MoreThanLaw

Creating a Website? Avoid These Common Mistakes.

Website templates have become mainstream over the last few years, completely altering the web design landscape. While it may seem easier than ever to create a site for your business, many important aspects are often overlooked.


During the course of my career, I've experienced both successful site launches and blatant blunders, each following similar patterns. Below, I've pooled together five of the most common business mistakes professionals make when launching their first site.

1. Not having a plan or strategy

Creating a website without a plan is like building a product no one asked for. You should first take the time to understand your audience, your proposition, and how you plan on promoting and growing your website within a specific timeframe. Doing so will ensure your site and business experience a longer lifespan.

2. The wrong amount of information

Attention spans are at an all-time low, making it harder to capture your audience’s interest. Having too much or too little information on your site will confuse your users before you’ve been given a chance to prove your value. Make your site layout clear by providing the essentials of your message, without bogging it down with too much text.

3. Disregard for mobile and tablets

Over 60% of all online searches are now performed on a mobile device, yet many professionals neglect these platforms when building their website. Taking a few minutes to think about how the layout of each page will translate on mobile will bring you closer to providing a frictionless experience for your users.

4. Lack of contact info and social icons

Now that your user has landed on your site, they have no way of connecting with you. It seems like a no-brainer, but many forget to add social links and contact information. Allowing users to easily connect with you via email or social media is a great way to drive further engagement and deepen relationships long after they’ve visited your website. Remedy this by adding a contact us box in an easy-to-find area, and make sure social links are prominent on every page.

5. Neglecting your users’ needs

Putting your audience’s needs before your own will determine the success of your business. As the professional, you may assume you already know what your customers want, but without asking first, you can find yourself deterring rather than attracting potential clients. Keep users in mind each step of the way to further connect and provide value at crucial touchpoints.

Building your business’ website comes with its own set of challenges and takes time to get the hang of. Avoiding these mistakes will guarantee closer relationships with your customers, higher satisfaction rates and most importantly, a beautifully optimized website that represents the face of your business.

Danny Shaw, PMP, MS

Danny Shaw is an accomplished Designer, Strategist, and Educator based in Raleigh, NC. Currently a Product Strategist at McClatchy Interactive, he spearheads various projects from app enhancements to subscription growth services. Most recently, he was involved in the relaunch of McClatchy’s paywall system and synced programs with external platforms such as Google Play and iTunes. In his previous role as the Senior Marketing Manager for Digital Executions at Essence Communications, Danny oversaw the development of apps and websites, delivery of marketing campaigns, and production of live events.