RSVP for Big Sky + Drones = Dreams, Nightmares, and Research!

Drones and drone technologies are amazing.  If you watched the 2018 Olympics Opening Ceremony, you saw an incredible light show created by drones in the sky.  If that sparked your curiosity, join us on February 21, 2018 for our first Drone Meetup of 2018!

This event is free admission and intended for anyone and everyone curious about drones or the drone industry.  NGAT leader Kyle Snyder will be hosting this event and sharing his knowledge and experience with drones and drone research taking place right here in the Triangle.  

More information can be found below or on the Meetup page!

About Big Sky  + Drones = Dreams, Nightmares, and Research:

From managing the minimally equipped, yet fully mission capable solutions of today, to multiple autonomous networks of drones sharing the same airspace of tomorrow- we, the drone community, are carrying a tremendous amount of responsibility. We must protect the safety of the airspace, while developing new technologies and procedures that enable greater use of the 3rd dimension, and fulfilling the potential of a modern aviation society. Kyle Snyder, the Director of the NextGen Air Transportation Consortium (NGAT) at NC State University, looks forward to the discussion and networking with this Meetup group!

Event Information:

Start Time. 6:30pm

Location:   Research Building IV on Centennial Campus of NC State University

Address:  909 Capability Drive, Room 2600, Raleigh, North Carolina

Parking: FREE in the C-lots beside and across the street from the building after 5:00

Admission:  FREE but limited space available!