The Pros and Cons of Fall

As summer wraps up and Labor Day comes and goes we inevitably transition into fall.  That means no more summer concerts, cold weather in the near future, leaf raking and, for traditional schedule students, the return of school.  It also means the return of football, seasonal temps (that aren't 90 degrees and 80% humidity), Halloween, Thanksgiving, hunting season, and, for parents of traditional schedule students, the return of school.

While I personally enjoy summer and all that comes with it (yes, even the hotness most of the time), I love fall. I'm a big fan of football, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc. and I love the opportunities to sit outside again in the crisp autumn air enjoying the company of my family and friends.  Sure, I'll miss summer, do every year (especially during winter), and I despise raking leaves, but to miss something don't you have to set it free?

So while you may be bummed that another summer has come and gone, just remember that Fall is here to ease your worries (and take your kids off your hands).

Which is it for you, summer or fall?