Domestic Violence

Today I'm going to discuss the difficult topic of Domestic Violence.  It can be a difficult conversation for some because they may feel that they are not actually in danger or don't want to view themselves as a victim.  Some victims may feel that a physical altercation was a one time incident and not worth reporting.  In truth, the damage done by an abuser goes well beyond physical actions and can create a situation of control and dependency all while the victim's avenues of independence and escape are slowly shut off. 


If you are a victim of domestic violence or know a loved one that cannot escape the grasp of an abuser there are people that can help.  

The following agencies can help:  North Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Interact of Wake County

You can also seek a Domestic Violence Protective Order under Chapter 50(b) of the North Carolina General Statutes.

There are two types of Domestic Violence Protective Orders (common referred to as DVPOs). The first is an ex-parte DVPO which is going to be in effect temporarily (typically up to 10 days absent a continuance).  The other DVPO type can be in effect for up to a year and renewable prior to the Order's expiration.  A DVPO can be renewed indefinitely upon a showing that the Plaintiff is still in fear of the Defendant.  There are no filing fees associated with a Domestic Violence Protective Order.  

If you cannot afford private counsel I highly recommend contacting Legal Aid of North Carolina here.  You can find your local county at the link.