A Felton Banks Update

As many of your already know, my cohort in law has been called to serve his country for the next 365 days.  While Adam’s deployment has been tediously planned for over the last nine months it still seems unreal that it will be October 2018 before Felton Banks gets its partner back.  More scary will be when my colleagues wake up and realize they have to deal with me and only me for an entire year. 

All jokes aside, I’m writing this blog to express our admiration for a partner, attorney, friend, husband, and new father who is sacrificing a year of his life to serve his country. Because let’s face it- that takes courage beyond my wildest imagination.   All of us within Felton Banks are incredibly proud of what Adam is doing and have collectively vowed as a firm to also serve our country by being a better law firm. 

Our firm is taking this upcoming year to reflect and challenge the basic notion of a law firm and to transform our practice into more than law.  From getting more involved in the surrounding communities to adopting a more “people-centric” practice, we’re going to take this year and become a better law firm for the people we have sought to serve.  While the level of courage it takes to attempt this progress is nothing compared to Adam’s courage, we’re determined to follow his example and be the absolute best we can be.

For everyone else reading this, you too can participate in this initiative.  There are so many ways to serve your community and nation right here in the Triangle.  I invite and challenge each and every one of you to volunteer, donate time or money, or simply work on being a better human.  It is often said that the world needs more of “this” or more of “that” but really the world just needs more good people. 

To close this blog post, I also ask that next time you see a veteran or anyone serving in the Armed Forces, be sure to thank them.  Their service is courageous and honorable and often results in a year or more away from one’s family, work, life, and friends.  For that sacrifice, they deserve all the thank you’s, high-fives and fist-bumps the world can give.   


- Ashley