Trick-or-Treat! Our Brand New Drone Guide is Ready to Download!


Have you ever found yourself sitting around the house wondering how you could ever fly your commercial drone and not get in trouble?  Perhaps you've looked longingly at the sky and wondered why a simple drone guide does not exist in this world.  If you are one of those people, you are in luck because I have finally completed my masterpiece cleverly titled  "How to Fly Your Drone and Not Get in Trouble: A Guide for Commercial UAV Pilots and Wannabes."  

This FREE guidebook not only contains simple rules when it comes to commercial drone piloting but it also includes the FAA's Part 107 Summary AND a (nearly) full set of North Carolina laws pertaining to drones- even the new ones I discuss here!  It's a magical read full of excitement and intrigue that can accompany you virtually anywhere.  Download your free copy today!