Form I-9 ... Not on Time

For all my HR professionals out there, you know that the first rule of filling out a Form I-9 is to make sure all verification documents are UNEXPIRED.  You are also well aware that you should always use the most recent version of the Form I-9 (a.k.a. one that is unexpired).  If you have hired a new employee lately you may have noticed this: 


It looks like the only Form I-9 currently available is in fact a few days expired.  But before you panic, you should know the USCIS has also noticed this and has plans to launch a new "Smart" Form I-9 in the near future.  In the meantime, you are permitted to use the newly expired Form I-9 which you can find here.  

For those curious about the future "Smart" Form I-9, it is supposedly going to be Millennial-friendly, meaning it will have drop-down menus, embedded instructions, and validations so people can stop "accidentally" entering 20-digit social security numbers.  Welcome to the 21st century... in 2016.