How to Make Millennials Like You, Part 1 :-)

One of the fastest growing concerns for a lot of industries is dealing with a lack of skilled labor.  For industries like Construction, the availability of trained and willing workers has been on the decline and, according to recent economic reports, is possibly the single biggest factor inhibiting economic growth.  If you ask the average 50+ person, this decline in workforce is due to the so-called "Millennials" being unwilling to "do the hard stuff," instead opting to super cushy jobs at silicon valley-wannabe companies where there is a foosball table in the break room.   Kids these days....

However, (shockingly) a lot of experts and surveys have chimed in and what employers are witnessing isn't necessarily a generation of gamers who sleep until noon and only communicate via text and emoticons.  Instead, this generation now entering the workforce has a new set of priorities and values that they want to see reflected in their careers.  In addition to that argument, the current workforce is also dealing with the fact that a lot of Millennials went to college, grad school and beyond, rendering them "over-qualified" for  certain jobs and unskilled for the jobs that are actually available (think: construction).  

So how does an employer attract a generation of over-educated, emoticon-using misfits that end every sentence with a #hashtag? It's all about recruiting and the overall package that is "The Job" (read: #TheJob).  In this multi-part blog series cleverly titled "How to Make Millennials Like You," I will go over some thoughts and considerations that may help recruit the younger workforce such as:  Paid Leave, Retention & Training (a.k.a. Investing in Employees), and the infamous HR topic "work-life balance." 

Yes, this may be more of an editorial with some helpful links and knowledge but as a narcissistic #Millennial myself, I feel it is my job to educate the masses on my self-serving thoughts.  Believe me, if I could insert emoticons all over this post and text it to people, I would. 

Sarcasm aside,  did you know our Firm provides HR Consulting services at an easy-to-swallow price?!  <insert happy emoticons here> !!