Select Guardsmen Permitted to Carry Concealed Weapons

Earlier this week, Governor McCrory signed into law a bill that allows for members of the North Carolina National Guard to carry concealed handguns while in discharge of their official duties. This new privilege only applies to Guardsmen that have a concealed carry license and have been designated by the state Adjutant General. This slight change in the law comes as a reaction to the July shooting that killed four Marines and one Sailor at a Chattanooga, Tennessee recruiting station. Prior to the new law, Guardsmen were only permitted to carry concealed weapons when called to “actual service.” Meaning that unless a soldier was ordered to carry a weapon as part of an official National Guard mission, then they were not authorized to carry concealed. Now, designated soldiers will be able to carry on State grounds such as recruiting stations and armories. This only applies to National Guard soldiers and does not permit federal service recruiters to concealed carry.