You asked.  We answered. 

Imagine a world where you talk to an attorney and know exactly how much its going to cost you.  Our firm now offers select services at a flat rate.  Yes, we said FLAT RATE.  This means you know exactly what you're getting and how much its going to cost*.  It's a crazy concept but an honest one.  What can we say?  We're More than Law

We're still Attorneys so of course there is the [ * ].  Please read our required Disclaimer regarding our Flat Rate pricing.   

LLCs & Corporations 

Startups are the epitome of the "American Dream."  Let us help you get your business formed so you can focus on the important things like being your own boss. 


Corporate Formation:  $100+ Filing Fees

Sole Owner Corporate  Bylaws:  $350

Multi-Owner Corporate Bylaws:  $550

Non-Profit Bylaws:  $500

Limited Liability Companies

LLC Formation:  $100+ Filing Fees

Single-Member LLC Operating Agreement:  $350

Multi-Member/ Single Class LLC Operating Agreement:  $550

Multi-Member/Multi-Equity Class LLC Operating Agreement: call for pricing.

Professional Corporations

PLLC/ PC/PA Formation:  $300 + Filing Fees

Sole Owner PA/PC Bylaws:  $550

Multi-Owner PA/PC Bylaws:  $800

Professional Limited Liability Companies

PLLC Formation:  $300 + Filing Fees

Single-Member PLLC Operating Agreement:  $550

Multi-Member PLLC Operating Agreement:  $800

Contract Review & Drafting

Contract Drafting

Contracts can be daunting to read and understand since they are typically drafted by attorneys in a manner that only other attorneys can understand.  Rather than attempt the drafting process yourself, let a pro do it for you.  We'll make sure your contract is drafted in the most attorney-like manner possible- a/k/a boring to read and impossible to understand but with optimal protection in place for you and your business.  If you want a contract drafted in creative language (a/k/a easier to understand language), we also offer "creative contract drafting" at an additional charge. 

Contract Review

For those of you that were given the contract, we'll happily review it for you.  Whether its a lengthy commercial lease or a short and sweet severance agreement, we'll give it a good look over and educate you on the pros and cons of the language.  If you want us to negotiate changes, we'll be happy to do this for an additional charge. 

Contract Review

Severance Agreement review & negotiations:  $1,000

Employment Agreement review & negotiations: $1,000

1-10 Page Contract:  $500

11-20  Page Contract:  $750

21-30 Page Contract:  $1,250

30+ Page Contract:  call for pricing


Contract Drafting

Joint Venture Agreement:  $800

Shareholder Agreement:  $800

Employment Agreements:  $500

Employee Separation Agreements:  $500

Independent Contractor Agreements:  $500

Nondisclosure Agreements: $500

Vendor/Purchase Agreements:  $800

Construction Agreements:  $1,500

A few other things to note...

Expedite Fee:  If you require any of the above services within 1-3 days of hiring our firm, an additional $400 expedite fee will be added to the flat rate. This allows us to properly re-shuffle our respective work loads to accommodate a tighter timeline.  

Creative Contract Drafting:  If you are looking for a contract to be drafted in language that better fits your business or clientele, we'll be happy to creatively draft your contract for an additional $200.  Why the additional fee for more simple language?  It takes us far more time to draft a contract with simpler language that still adequately (and enforceably) protects your interests.  These contracts also typically require several more edits and revisions to get the language just right for you and/or your business.  If you want to talk to a past client to get a feel for our creative side, let us know! 

Contract Negotiations:  If you want us to negotiate revisions to a contract we have reviewed, we're happy to do just that.  However, due to the unpredictable nature of negotiations, it is difficult to flat rate this service so all negotiations (unless otherwise listed above) will be done at our standard hourly rate. 

Family Law

Not all marriages are happy but this doesn't have to be the end of the world.  We now offer certain Family Law services at an affordable flat rate so you can focus on moving forward in life and not deeper into debt.  

Family Law Services

Simple Separation Agreement:  $1,000

Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO):  $1,500

Pre/Post Marital Agreement:  $1,000

A few thing to note...

Additional Charge for Negotiation of Separation and Marital Agreements:  Simple Separation Agreement and Pre/Post Marital Agreement flat rates do not include negotiations and are specific to drafting only.  If you need us to negotiate a Separation Agreement or Pre/Post Marital Agreement, we can do it, but this will be billed separately at our hourly rate.

DVPO Expedite Fee:  If our firm is hired less than 5 days before a previously scheduled DVPO hearing, an additional $500 will be added to the flat rate to accommodate the short notice.  

Outside “In-House” Counsel Legal Services

If you are a small to medium sized business that probably needs an in-house attorney but cannot afford the salary, we offer monthly subscription services to fit your legal needs without adding to payroll obligations.  In other words, we can be your in-house counsel but outside your office and employee roster.  We offer three subscription packages that should satisfy all your legals wants and needs.

The Bronze Plan ($1,500/ month)

This subscription plan gets you up to 10 hours of billable time each month.  If you don't use all 10 hours, you can carry over up to 2 hours into the following month.  Minimum contract span is 6 months.  If you pay for 12 months up front, we'll cut 10% off the total bill.  

The Silver Plan ($2,500/ MONTH)

This subscription plan gets you up to 15 hours of billable time each month.  If you don't use all 15 hours, you can carry over up to 3 hours into the following month.  Minimum contract is 6 months.  If you pay for 12 months up front, we'll cut 10% off the total bill. 

The Gold Plan ($5,000/ MONTH)

This subscription plan gets you UNLIMITED billable time, which means carry over hours don't matter. Minimum contract is 6 months but if you pay up front for an entire year we'll cut 10% off the total bill. 


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