This Flat Rate Disclaimer is intended to further explain how Flat Rates are determined and to be fully transparent in what is included and not included in our flat rates.  If you have further questions, can help you out!

Flat Rate Disclaimer

Not all services are subject to a Flat Rate. But, you should always feel free to ask if what you want is not listed. 

Flat Rates listed only apply to the services discussed on our website.  We may be able to flat rate additional services but this is fully at the discretion of the firm and not guaranteed.  

Flat rates DO NOT include court costs, filing fees, and other reimbursable expenses. 

Flat Rates do not include reimbursable expenses and/or any filing fees associated with the flat rate service.  This may mean you as the client are paying court fees, filing fees, postage costs, and certain travel and mileage in addition to the flat rate costs.  We explain these reimbursable expenses in more depth in the Engagement Letter you will receive and sign at the onset of working with our firm.  

Flat rates only cover a range of billable hours DESCRIBED in your Engagement Letter.

Flat Rates only cover a certain number of billable hours tiered based on the flat rate cost. These included billable hours are described in your Engagement Letter that you will once again receive and sign at the onset of working with our firm.  If the maximum billable hours are exceeded, regardless of cause, the client will be billed for any additional billable time spent completing that flat rate service at an hourly rate further described in your Engagement Letter.  (NOTE: Hourly time is rounded to the nearest minute).  Billable time includes any and all work required to complete the flat rate service that is performed by an attorney and/or our paralegal and/or any other staff employed or contracted by the firm.  

We cannot always predict the future so rates may be subject to change.

Please note that any and all flat rates are subject to change with reasonable notice provided to the client; hourly rates are similarly subject to change with or without notice.  Our website is updated frequently to reflect any and all changes so we recommend you check out the website prior to assuming the flat rates associated with certain services.  

We still cannot guarantee legal results. 

Please note that flat rate services are by no means a guarantee of legal results and are merely prices associated with certain services.  Additional information about our firm's legal work can be found in the Engagement Letter you will sign upon becoming an official client of the firm.  This, nor any part of this website, creates an attorney-client relationship.  

All this applies to Subscription Services, as well.

Questions & Answers

Question #1:  What is included in the Flat Rate listed?

Answer:  Flat rates include all billable time up to and including the Billable Time listed for each flat rate service.  Flat Rates do not include reimbursable expenses, including without limitation, Secretary of State, Register of Deeds, or court filing fees; postage costs; copies and production of documents in excess of 50 pages; color printing (rare, but if needed); or travel outside a 30-mile radius from our office.  If the work performed for a flat rate service exceeds the Billable Hours assigned to that flat rate service, you will be billed hourly  (rounded to the nearest minute).  

Question #2:  Can you provide an example to the above?

Answer:  Always!  Assume you hire our firm to form a multi-member LLC and draft a multi-member LLC Operating Agreement.  The total for both of these services is a flat rate of $600 ($100 for formation + $500 for the Operating Agreement).  You and your partners decide you want to expedite the filing of the Articles of Organization to 24-hour filing, which is a filing fee of $225 that will be billed seperately.  In review of the Operating Agreement, one of your partners has some concern with the section of Member withdrawal and it takes your Attorney 4.5 hours to complete the drafting as a result.  Since the Operating Agreement flat rate was for 0-4 hours of billable time, you will be billed for the extra 30 minutes of time (roughly equal to $107.50 at our $215 per hour rate).  

Question #3:  How is all this billed to me?

Answer:  We ask for the total of all flat rate services requested plus any known filing fees.  We hold this amount in our firm's trust account until the project is complete and/or filing fees are paid.  After signing an engagement letter with our firm, we will send your a Trust Request invoice, which you can pay online via credit/debit card or via check.  Please note that we cannot file anything on your behalf or perform any work on your matter until all amounts and filing fees have been paid to our firm's trust account. 

Question #4:  How will I know if I am nearing the maximum Billable Time for my Flat Rate?

Answer:  First of all, we set the maximum Billable Time based on experience so that it should be rare that these Billable Hours are exceeded.  However, if we see you're getting close to maxing out the Billable Time included in the flat rate, we'll be sure to let you know so you can prepare accordingly.