Frequently Asked Questions

We recognize that for many of our potential clients, we are the first law firm you have ever hired. We also recognize that like shopping for any professional, this is a tough (and sometimes daunting) decision that involves lots of options, decisions, and subtle differences you may not fully understand. We’ve put together this FAQ section as a pseudo-guide to choosing Felton Banks, PLLC as your firm. If you have a question that is not listed, no worries! Simply email us at and we’ll answer you right away!

Q1: HOw do I become a client of this firm?

Great question! Every firm is different but we require all potential new clients to go through a Consultation with an attorney at our firm where you will tell us why you are seeking an attorney and we’ll ask you questions about your case to evaluate whether or not its a case we can (and should) take on. Most consultations are $50, with some exceptions. Startup consultations are free.

After we attend a consultation with you and decide your case is one fit for our firm, you will then be asked to sign an Engagement Letter. This document outlines the terms of our representation, including fees, client expectations, conflict policies, and information about our standard fees. For your convenience, Engagement Letters can be emailed to you and signed digitally to avoid unnecessary paper.

We may also ask that you submit a Retainer Payment for your case. This money is held in our firm Trust Account and remains yours until its earned. Not all cases will require a Retainer Payment. For more information on Retainer Payments, please check out the FAQ below.

Once received a signed Engagement Letter and Retainer Payment (if required), you will officially become a Client of the firm!