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From the Superbowl 51 Halftime Show to revolutionizing the agriculture and construction industries, drones are no longer a thing of the future.  Drones are here now... and the technology they can carry is amazing.  While drone use can be fun and games for the recreational user, its an intricate web of regulation for the commercial user.  From the FAA's Part 107 rules that regulate commercial drones under 55 pounds to North Carolina's own body of drone legislation, there is a changing legal landscape when it comes to drone use.  And that doesn't even skim the surface of all the other considerations surrounding drone use in everyday lives.  Luckily, our firm is on the forefront of drone use and regulation and we can be a beacon of light in otherwise murky waters.  We also have a wealth of experience lecturing on commercial drone regulations at the federal and local levels and are always willing to grab some coffee and share our knowledge on the house!

Drone | UAV Services:

  • Land/Air Disputes;
  • Licensure of Drone Pilots (FAA and NC);
  • Compliance with FAA and NC regulations;
  • Contract Reviews;
  • Privacy/ Safety Disputes;
  • Personal and Professional Liability;
  • Litigation