Professionals need help too.

Numerous professions across the state of North Carolina require licensure. Whether you're a medical professional, General/Sub Contractor, or Engineer, keeping your license in good standing is critical to your well-being. Our firm has represented clients in many different  professions in front of numerous State Agencies, Commissions, and Boards. If you have an issues that involves administrative law, the attorneys at Felton Banks are prepared to navigate the issue on your behalf. 

Administrative law services include:

  • Representation at Office of Administrative Hearings ("OAH")

  • Professional Licensing Boards Hearings and Disciplinary Actions

  • Occupational Licensing Boards Hearings and Disciplinary Actions

  • Enforcement Actions

  • Administrative Appeals 

  • Compliance with State Agency Regulation - Department of Health and Humans Services "DHHS", Department of Transportation "DOT", Department of Labor "DOL,” etc…