With over 132 breweries and 160 wineries in North Carolina, knowing how to navigate North Carolina's ABC regulations is important and essential to a healthy wine/beer business.  Having a solid business structure and human resource program is also equally important.  Luckily you have us to help you and your business along the way.  Even luckier is that we are avid craft beer and wine fans which means your success is [very] important to us.  

Our Brewery // Winery services include:

  • Corporate setup:  Secretary of State filings, choice of entity, Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  • Corporate Structure:  Partnership agreements, Bylaws, Stock Purchase Agreements
  • ABC Regulations:  Compliance, policy, and enforcement,  defense against violations
  • Contracts | Agreements:  Joint ventures, Purchase agreements, land use/rental agreements
  • Employment | HR:  Employment handbooks, employment agreements, hiring and terminations, internal investigations, HR training, employment defense
  • Litigation: Civil lawsuits